Why choose South Africa?


I have been living in South Africa since the beginning of 2011. Still today, my heart skips a beat when I come home from another country. For more than 7 years I have been exploring South Africa, and there is still so much more to discover.

Below I have listed a few main reasons why South Africa offers everything you need for a perfect holiday:

1. Dramatic landscape
Breathtaking or dramatic are the best words to describe the South African landscape. Steep coastal roads, dramatic mountain scenery, long sandy beaches, endless views in the national parks and deep canyons. The landscape will honestly take your breath away.

2. Beautiful beaches
Where else in the world can you choose to swim in either the Indian or Atlantic Ocean? Long sandy beaches, secluded bays and romantic sunsets over the ocean – the best foundation for the perfect holiday.

3. A paradise for outdoor-junkies and adventurers
Surfing, kite-surfing, diving? South Africa offers all water sports that your heart desires. That’s not it! Skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, multi-day hikes along the most beautiful mountain scenery, cycling (even the largest timed cycling race in the world) and so much more. I can guarantee you, South Africa has something on offer for every adrenaline junkie and sports enthusiast. Check out our Adventure ideas here!

4. Wine & Dine
South Africa is paradise for Wine lovers. In the Western Cape alone you can choose from over 800 different wineries. It doesn’t come as a surprise that wine tastings and trips to the winelands are on top of the bucket list for locals and visitors alike. You will also certainly not go hungry. Most wineries offer unusual and extravagant food and wine parings. Pizza, tapas and even chocolate – you will learn what wine to pair it with. If fine dining cuisine is what you are after, in South Africa you can find famous fine dining restaurants, enjoy popular high teas or try various African dishes at one of the many food markets. Check out our recommendations here!

5. The “Big 5” – safaris and animals
Who does not dream of seeing elephants, lions or leopards roaming in the wild? South Africa’s National Parks are spread all over the country and offer something for every taste and budget. The world-famous Kruger National Park, which is at least as big as Switzerland, or smaller, private game reserves – a safari is a MUST for every visit to South Africa. Do not forget to bring your binoculars and camera!

6. Ideal travel conditions
You can easily travel South Africa by rental car. The roads are generally in very good condition, good infrastructure is available and there are supermarkets, petrol stations, hospitals, cafes and more everywhere. You also get used to the left-hand traffic quickly and after just a few minutes, you get the feeling that you have never driven differently. There is no time difference to Europe, so jet lag won’t bother you. The 12 hour flight (directly to Cape Town or Johannesburg from all major European airports) can be quickly overcome with one or two movies and hopefully a good nap.

7. There are incredible things on offer – for an affordable price, especially with the Euro / GBP to Rand exchange rate!
South Africa offers you a dream vacation, no matter what your holiday budget is. Wonderful campsites, backpacker accommodations, family hotels, beautiful guest houses or 5 star luxury hotels – there is something available for every budget. Just plan the activities according to your bucket list and budget. With the variety of offers we can guarantee that everyone will have an amazing holiday.

Let us plan your dream trip – and I’m sure you will always be drawn to South Africa!