Hot Air Balloon Flight

A hot air balloon flight is usually a once in a lifetime experience, and offers a total experience encompassing all the good things that make Africa great, from sun rise to great food, from wildlife to breathtaking scenery.

Whether it be drifting over wildlife on a Safari Flight, or taking in the breathtaking scenery on one of the Classic Flights – Hot Air Ballooning is informative, as well as exciting and fun.

Beautiful Flying Areas:

Cradle of Humankind (World Heritage Site):
You can launch with the balloon centrally within the Cradle of Humankind, and experience a flight within the 53 000 hectare world heritage site. Proclaimed a world heritage site in 1998, this protected area is predominately made up of large private game reserves, it contains 13 fossil sites, and has over one third of all hominid fossil finds in the world. With minimal human impact, this area is a true wilderness gem to fly in.

Renowned for ballooning, this picturesque area boasts a range of mountains that are almost a 100 times older than Everest , and are literally thousands of millions of years old. An area of significant South African and geological history, its vastness and beauty can only really be appreciated from the air. Like the Cape vulture that soars in the thermals around these mountains, a hot air balloon ride is un-paralleled in its ability to provide silent, 360 degree visability.